The Global Artisans - AartMystik

The Global Artisans - AartMystik

Every artist tries to express their tradition emotion and craftsmanship with the help of art. Art is a powerful platform for expression of creative side of a person. Some work generations to make their art immortal, some work for expressing their emotions ,feelings and craftsmanship with colors and creativity. Art has no language and barrier.

Artists – Group of talented and artistic team hailing from a colorful and traditional culture of Gujarat, Chhattisgarh who has the gift of turning things into life with the form of their art. The people belong from single earning families where they support each other utilizing their art. The products which we have in Artmystik is made by such artisans , handmade handcrafted home decor and pooja items, beautifully decorated with semiprecious stones, glass work, hand painted and laminated. The items have colorful creative designs and the materials used are durable and of highest quality which makes them unique which doesn’t wither easily with wash. The prices which we have kept are very reasonable and we are promoting this art!

Social Cause –I am doing this as a personal interest since I too am an artist and it gives me pleasure and happiness if I can be of any help to people who have chosen art as their source of livelihood. We work as a team where in myself and my mom work with the artisans and try to give them platform to showcase the art .I also put exhibitions in various places.

I believe in saying " An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision ".

A part of the amount earned is donated for the uplift of women who want to be self independent

Efforts – The wooden cuttings are carried out and the metal pots or plates are bought, then hand painted with colorful designs decorated with semiprecious stones , glass work , hand painted and finally laminated . It takes a team of people who does this activity based on their skills and interest.

It takes immense hard work and dedication for preparation of such an art. we are very sure that once you purchase our products it will give you a 'wow' experience together with a satisfaction that you are contributing something good and beneficial for the women & society

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