About Us

About Us:

India’s Ultimate Online Handicrafts Shopping Destination : The Global Artisans’ vision is to create India’s most impactful digital commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for Rural Artisans across the country by enabling them to showcase their unique handicraft products to global buyers. Handicraft are the crafts that are made with the help of hands and certain tools. These are one of the beautiful pieces of crafts that depicts culture and tradition of a country. There are various types of handicraft available in India such as:

- Brass handicraft items

- Marble handicraft items

- Decorative rangoli

- Wooden handicraft

- Home decor items

- Pooja items

Indian handicrafts are appreciated around the world. TGA is one of the leading Indian handicraft exporter and supplier that offer various types of handicraft products.

www.TheGlobalArtisans.com is the marketplace to discover unique handmade handicrafts products. A group of young, energetic and passionate people behind this unique portal are working hard to reach out to maximum Indian rural craftsmen.

Our Definition of Handicrafts is rather broad - "Item or product produced through skills that are manual, with or without mechanical or electrical or other processes, which appeals to the eye, due to the characteristics of being artistic or aesthetic or creative or ethnic or being representative of cultural or religious or social symbols or practices, whether traditional or contemporary. These items or products may or may not have a functional utility and can be used as a decorative item or gift"

Vision : Our Vision is to bring on board all rural craftsmen of India and enable them to sell their products directly to customers across the globe.

Mission : Our mission is to showcase the precision and craftsmanship of Indian artisans to the global audience.

Great Opportunity for Rural Artisans: Don’t miss this opportunity to build your own store on India’s leading Handicrafts Marketplace www.theglobalartisans.com to grow your business in real time. We want our buyers to explore the craftsmanship of our Indian artisans, their ultimate talent and their exclusive products. India has a rich heritage and its culture is one of the oldest in the world. Indian Handicrafts showcase this culture to the world. We bring the products of the Indian Rural Artisan to your doorstep. Grab them, now !